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Well done!!! The character animations were well done, it had a cozy vibe, and I loved the cute ending. Would watch again~

I've never seen this combo of artistic and stylistic elements but it's sick AF and totally speaks radiodark's artistic voice in a cool polished product of teamwork!

RIP Sherbert, your meows were adorable, as was your bright orange fur!

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~ w o r m ~

Template88 responds:


Excellent Job Guys

The only critique I had was that you could have put in a opt out post of the books you have already read, but at the same time, I think it adds to the atmosphere, so really nothing to complain about. I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the artwork, the whole game was very creepy to play. You are the team to beat!

I'm happy this is finally out.

And feel kind of special that it's still in the recently submitted thingy. This will be.around for quite a while. I look forward to receiving ALL OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS. Plays well.

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I really like this!

I feel like I could make art to this picture.
Also the super bass is pretty legit.
It got a bit loud at one point early in the but I don't know if that was intentional.
The seagulls and reverb also added a nice touch. (Apparently reverb isn't a word.)

This is cool!

I love the drop at 3:20 too, with the bass.
The one thing I would change is the synth in the beginning seems a little too artificial. I like it overall, but just the beginning isn't what I'd go for. I do love the bass though, and the saxophone adds a nice touch. Good job!

To other reviewer

He needs to work on his/her tempo a bit.
Also, the actual song part could use some work, along with the tone of the guitar.

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Duuuude! Long time no see. This is so cool! I love the variety but consistency of the fish and how non-awkward the octopus tentacles are (that's usually my struggle with octopi)

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Yo spags, yeah it’s been about a year. You should hit the art forum brawl up as there’s a few of the old regs in that.

Octopus tentacles - I usually do a few freestyle sketches before I start anything to get in the flow and help address awkward poses.

So somewhere on my PC there is a sketch file that contains what can only be described as “harlequin octopi carcasses”.

It's so pretty, dude! Zooming up close, there is so much to look at. The pattern-y textures create a lot of visual interest, and I like that you can have such a unique style in a medium that many disregard to be bland and with nothing to offer. I want to see a big vast 'painting' done in this style - like if you did an entire city or something. It would be really interesting to see a comic in this style as well. I want more! GIVE ME MORE, DAMMIT. Also, I like the pattern of the chimney smoke.

I was totally caught by surprise at this, the panel of all the raindrop warriors falling through the sky is hilarious and clever and the enthusiasm of all the drops combined with the lukewarm reception by the people in the next page is cute and funny.

The unattainable is unknown, here at my profile.

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